Nilay Islek was born in Izmir, Turkey. She completed her elementary and high school education in this city. Photography became her interest in her high school years. In 1999, she entered Dokuz Eylül University Fine Art Faculty and graduated with the thesis “Sensual Projections” in 2003. She completed her Master Degree in the same faculty with her thesis “Visual Culture and Social Memory in the Context of Digital Photography Aesthetics” in 2009.

Islek started to perform Advertising Photography in 1995 during her education. While she moved up in the career ladder, she became a sought instructor and gave lectures in several schools and associations such as Izmir Fen High School and Izmir Association of Photography Art (IFOD). Universiade 2005 Izmir Summer Plays was her first important international event as a member of the editorial board. After that, she has participated in several international events and projects. Her newest project is Izmir- Bremen Photography Artist Residency Program
“Elsewhere” between 2017-2018. In the meantime, Nilay Islek started her own atelier, Artlens Visual Culture and Photography, which is a continuing education centre in the field of photography for eight years now. In 2016, Nilay Islek is chosen for the international title of Fujifilm “X-Photographer” as the first woman photographer from Turkey. She’s been given Basic Photography Courses Fujifilm Education Centre in Izmir as the official instructor of Fujifilm. She worked as a lecturer in Izmir Economy University between 2015-2018. On the other hand, her academic career is going on at Ege University Faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Cinema PhD program.
She lives and continues her life of art in London. 
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Melissa Kenter started her education at Mimar Sinan University State of Conservatory Department of Piano and she has graduated from Singing and Piano Department of High School. The actress continued to the Acting Department in the same college. She started her acting life in Hurriyet Child Theater and continued with Istanbul State Theater and Kenter Theater. She continues her artistic life in London where she lives.
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Emrah Suat Onat was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1977. In 1996, he entered Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Film and TV Department and graduated with his film directing thesis “Hysteria” in 2000. He completed his Master Degree in the same faculty with his thesis “The Formal Structure of Stanley Kubrick Films and “The Shining” in 2005. In 2012 he completed his Doctorate Degree with his thesis “The Birth of Production Code as an American Movie Censor Code and It’s Effect on Film Noir Until 1948”.
He translated many cinema books into Turkish including “Introduction to Criticism” (by Michael Ryan), “Introduction to Film Analysis” (By Michael Ryan and Melissa Leros) and Film Art (by David Bordwell).
He is an academician at Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film Design in izmir, Turkey. Some of the courses he coordinated are; “Film Dramaturgy”, “American Film and Hollywood History”, “Film Genres and Directing”, “Film Analysis” and “Film and Gender” (Master degree course)

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Dilber Duygu Temur has completed her art degree in Gazi University Division of Art Education, Ankara. She worked in Plastic Arts Department at National Theatres for 6 years. An artist who continues her life in London. She’s been part of many exhibitions and workshops. She is a successful professional artist who is passionate about art, a qualified art teacher and a private art tutor with many years of experience in classroom settings and groups as well as one-on-one lessons, an experienced sculptor and props maker whose work is used in many theatre plays, displayed in various exhibitions and in a museum and a popular commission artist whose work includes paintings, murals, sculptures, portraits, dolls and puppets.
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Suat Eroğlu was born in 1986 in Ankara. He entered to Dokuz Eylul University Fine Art Faculty in 2010. His cinema career has started with his first film “Sinemasal”, which is about a cinematographer’s story moved from France to the Ottoman Empire, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Turkish Cinema. The director, who has been also a child worker himself, pointed out the child worker problem with his second film “Disposition”, which won The Best Film, Director and Script Awards. His newest film “The Nested Game” is a decent black comedy which is filmed in one location and used plenty of political metaphors in it. The director Eroğlu, who has been filming short films since 10 years and living in London for 2 years, is still writing articles on cinema, performing advertisement and fashion shootings and giving lectures on cinematography as well.
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