Cinematography Courses

Suat Eroglu (Director)

Short film is a field that is getting more and more important with its importance every day. The short film which is divided into various forms from the feature film in writing, shooting and editing stages; Due to the time limitation should be much faster, dense and striking. The short film workshop, organized by Artlens London, aims to comprehend the basics of short film production stages and convey the aesthetics of a short film as a result of a 5-week training. At the end of 5 weeks, participants will be ready for the short film journey they will write, draw and edit with theoretical knowledge.

Session 1 : A brief history of short film and some examples will be featured

Session 2: Scenario Techniques; Writing a synopsis, script and storyboard

Session 3: Shooting Techniques; Image, Sound, Editing, Music

Session 4: Production ad Post-production

Session 5: Post-production