Photography Courses

photography course london

This course is aimed to enhance the knowledge of digital photography for beginners. It includes 5 sessions which run over 5 weeks. As well as learning theory, participants will undertake a range of practical exercises both indoors and outdoors. At the end of the course, each participant will learn how to use the camera modes, the relation between Aperture, Shutter and ISO, Focus modes, Introduction to Composition. Detailed programme and price is here

This course is for those, who are already have the knowledge about exposure and the other basics of photography. In this phase of your photography journey, you may be seeking for further than taking moment photos. Learning advanced techniques such as Depth of Field, Panning Effects, Night Shootings, Long Exposure or High-key etc will give you the ability to take photographs other than usual. Detailed programme and price is here

This programme aims to maintain a basic knowledge about improving visual quality of images by using fundamentals of editing programs such as image cropping, color&brightness adjustment and retouching tools. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to prepare their photos to print or share. Detailed programme and price is here

Photographers who already have complete knowledge of photography and camera controls will benefit this one day course on street photography specifically. To learn about the optimum camera settings as well as daring to shoot people on the streets will help you to take photographs like an X-photographer. The course contains both theory and practice successively. Detailed programme and price is here