Papier Mache Bust Course

New Date: Coming Soon

Who Can Attend?

Creative people who are not only interested in art but also want to work with their own hands and want to see what their imagination can do with professional help and guidance.

Materials (All materials are included)

– Model paste

– Sculpting Tools

– Plaster

– Glue

– Paper

– Acrylic paint

– Hot Glue

– Rope, fabric, beads, feather

Workshop Program

Duration: 4 weeks (2 hours each)

1st week: An evaluation of the samples of busts and puppets in art history and their importance for 30 min. After that, starting to make the busts that the participants chose to produce using model pens and glue

2nd week: Having plaster mold of the busts have been made last week and paper casting in the mold.

3rd week: Removing the paper casts from the mold, combining and painting the busts.

4th week: Decorating the busts by adding hair and cloths and placing it on the wood base to finish.

Ps: We suggest to the attendances that to decide the bust they wish to produce before they come to the course. The bust to be made can be someone famous, anyone the participants recognize and love, or a totally imaginative character.

*** an exhibition with the works of the participants is planned at a future date

Lecture is going to be given both in Turkish and English