Papier Mache Bust Course

New Date: coming soon

2-4pm (4 weeks)

£180 (All materials included)

Papier-Mache Bust Workshop

Would you like to create a little sculpture as a gift to you and/or your significant other with the art of papier-mâché? This might sound frightening at first, but worry not; it is a really fun experience. With this four-week-long workshop, first, we will make a small bust from clay. Then we will create a plaster moulding of the clay bust and cast the moulding with papier-mâché. At last, we will paint these wondrous busts we made. At the end of these four weeks of challenging work, your reward will be available to be taken to your home into your bookshelf or be given to your loved one.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone with the desire of creating an art piece can join, be it sculpture and papier-mache enthusiasts or not. We accept every creative mind who would want to achieve a collaborative work of their creativity being shaped by some professional help.

Materials (All materials are included)

– Modelling clay

– Sculpting Tools

– Plaster for moulding

– Wood adhesive

– Paper

– Acrylic paint

– Hot Glue

– Rope, fabric, beads, feather

There is no need to bring any of this equipment as we will be providing them, however, you may wish to bring in any specific decoration/jewellery during the final stage (decorating the bust) of the workshop.

Workshop Program

Duration: 4 weeks (2 hours each)

1st week: First 30 minutes will be the theory bit, including examples of the busts in the history of art and the impact that they had. In the remaining 1.5 hours, we will start making the busts with the modelling clay and sculpting tools.

2nd week: We will create a plaster mould of the busts we made and once they are dried, we will cast the moulding with papier-mâché.

3rd week: We will take out the dried papier-mâché, glue the two ends together and paint the bust that we made.

4th week: We will decorate the busts, adding them hair, clothing and any desired decoration. Lastly, we will mount the finished work onto a wooden plaque, thus ending the workshop.

Ps: Before joining session 1, the participants ought to decide whose bust they are going to make. This can be anyone ranging from a significant other to a character of absolute imagination.

Further info:

Lecture is going to be both in Turkish and English