Photoshop & Lightroom Course

PRICE: £250


This course includes the basics of editing your photographs using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. The attendants are expected to be aware of basic photography technics.


Introduction of Photoshop – Understanding the basics of interface of Photoshop©. General information about menus.

Tool Bar – How to use tools and different editing tool in Photoshop. Changing tool settings. Choosing the correct tool for the right aim.

Basic Editing – Starting to edit a photography by cropping, resizing. Using layers on editing

Brightness Correction – Editing the exposure of photograph using curves, levels, brightness and contrast
Colour Correction – Understanding the components of colour, Hue & Saturation, color Balance. Converting to Black&White

Selection Tools – Using different selection tools during corrections. Magic, Lasso, Pencil Tool etc

Filtre&Effect – Adding sharpness, blur, light, lens effects to the image. Introduction to Retouch – Understanding the aim of retouch. Clone Stamp, Healing Brush. Cleaning the Image