Photography Editing Course

PRICE: £150

New Date: Coming soon

Nilay Islek is London based X-Photographer.



Fotoğraf Editleme Kursu online ortamda ve eğitim dili Türkçe olacaktır.

This course includes the basics of editing your photographs using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. The attendants are expected to be aware of basic photography technics.


Introduction of Photoshop – Understanding the basics of interface of Photoshop©. General information about menus.

Tool Bar – How to use tools and different editing tool in Photoshop. Changing tool settings. Choosing the correct tool for the right aim.

Basic Editing – Starting to edit a photography by cropping, resizing. Using layers on editing

Brightness Correction – Editing the exposure of photograph using curves, levels, brightness and contrast
Colour Correction – Understanding the components of colour, Hue & Saturation, color Balance. Converting to Black&White

Selection Tools – Using different selection tools during corrections. Magic, Lasso, Pencil Tool etc

Filtre&Effect – Adding sharpness, blur, light, lens effects to the image. Introduction to Retouch – Understanding the aim of retouch. Clone Stamp, Healing Brush. Cleaning the Image