Suat Eroğlu


Suat Eroğlu was born in 1986 in Ankara. He entered to Dokuz Eylul University Fine Art Faculty in 2010. His cinema career has started with his first film “Sinemasal”, which is about a cinematographer’s story moved from France to the Ottoman Empire, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Turkish Cinema. The director, who has been also a child worker himself, pointed out the child worker problem with his second film “Disposition”, which won The Best Film, Director and Script Awards. His newest film “The Nested Game” is a decent black comedy which is filmed in one location and used plenty of political metaphors in it. The director Eroğlu, who has been filming short films since 10 years and living in London for 2 years, is still writing articles on cinema, performing advertisement and fashion shootings and giving lectures on cinematography as well.
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